The Final Hours

For the past two and a half years, The Park People has been working with residents dedicated to saving the beloved Sundial & Plaza at Cranmer Park. We have made great progress in raising the $1.8 million needed to complete the renovation and reconstruction and are SO CLOSE to reaching our goal! With the support of the community in the Final Hours of the campaign, we can raise the final dollars by the end of 2016 and complete the project in 2017.

CLOSE THE GAP: Recent gifts on Colorado Gives Day and a generous $50,000 pledge from Graland Country Day School gave the campaign a significant step forward, and Hilltop residents Cy and Lyndia Harvey have issued a $50,000 dollar-for-dollar matching fund to help raise the final dollars! Folks are stepping up to meet the challenge, and we now have less than $13,000 to raise to reach the full $1.8 million! YOU can help GET ‘ER DONE! Please donate today in these final two weeks of the campaign. The value of your gift will be DOUBLED and help finish the campaign. – and please spread the word to rally the support of others who care about the sundial, our local parks, and quality of life in our community!

We appreciate gifts of all sizes and accept gifts of stock. (donate online here, Stock Gifting Form here). *Contributions of $5,000 and greater will receive permanent recognition onsite at the sundial plaza.

Giving Levels:

  • Front Range – gifts over $20,000*
  • Mount Evans – gifts over $10,000*
  • Longs Peak – gifts over $5,000*
  • Pikes Peak – gifts over $1,000
  • Grays Peak – gifts over $500
  • Torreys Peak – gifts over $100

We are pleased to have the support of roughly 700 households, a couple dozen foundations and businesses who value this special site and appreciate the vital role that Denver’s parks, shared spaces, and special places play in all our lives. Through the Departments of Parks & Recreation and Arts & Venues, the City is contributing over half of the anticipated construction costs. Please see the full list of SOS contributors in our Park Bench newsletter (as of August 31, 2016).

The Sundial is gorgeous, unique and quintessentially Denver. It’s the home of so many wonderful memories for my family. I knew it was the spot I wanted to take the wedding photos that I would cherish for my whole life!
- Lizzi Sullivan Beyer

The Final Hours

We need your support!

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Saving Our Sundial

With help from The Park People

What is SOS?

Conducted in partnership with Denver Parks and Recreation, Save Our Sundial is a community-based effort to raise funds to restore the Cranmer Park Sundial & Plaza, one of Denver’s great park landmarks.

The Park People is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working in partnership with neighborhood leaders to raise the $1.8 million needed to preserve this community treasure for generations to come.

Our Timeless Park

Learn more about the sundial, the plaza, and the park

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The Sundial Plaza

The park is used by thousands of Denverites and visitors enjoying our beautiful outdoors and is a regular stopping point for tour buses. Whether it’s playing sports, creating memories for life’s most cherished moments, taking a walk with friends, or man’s best... Cranmer Park is near and dear to all of our hearts.

Originally named Mountain View Park, it's a visual gateway to the mountains. The edge of the plaza is bordered by a beautiful (but cracking) stone mosaic panorama depicting the mountain range. The plaza is a great spot for viewing sunsets, 4th of July fireworks, and five 14ers (14,000+ foot mountains… for the non-native Coloradans).

The park was renamed for George Cranmer, a former manager of Denver’s Department of Parks and Improvements and the visionary behind Red Rocks Amphitheatre and Winter Park. Cranmer personally donated the sundial, carved from quartzite stone quarried in Lyons, CO and based on an ancient Chinese sundial design. The beloved sundial is an iconic landmark for the Hilltop neighborhood, and it’s a point of pride for young children throughout the city to “summit” the sundial on their own.

See the Damage

Learn why we're raising money

A Foundation of Rubble

Unfortunately, the plaza was originally built on rubble and has no firm foundation. This has caused the plaza to buckle and sag, seriously damaging the flagstone, mortar, and mosaic panorama. In addition, vandals have chipped the face of the sundial.

The current sundial plaza is in such disrepair that it is on Colorado Preservation, Inc.’s list of Most Endangered Places 2013. Let's do our part to move the Sundial Plaza from that endangered list to the SAVED list!
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Restoration that Lasts

Dig in to learn more about our Cranmer Park and our plans

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To do this project right so that it lasts for generations to come, we need to take drastic action. We will undertake a long-lasting and historically accurate restorative rebuild of the plaza, mosaic panorama, and sundial. We will remove the entire plaza, lay a new solid foundation, rebuild the plaza with a slight grade to improve drainage, and repair the face of the sundial.

We've got big plans! Download the detailed plans to learn more about the specific work to be done. FYI they’re about 2.6 MBs of PDFs.

We're in Good Hands

The Park People, working with our community

In its 47 year history, The Park People has infused millions of dollars into Denver's parks through the restoration of existing park infrastructure for fountains, historical park buildings, and through new construction for playgrounds and recreation facilities.

The City of Denver has generously committed $545,000 to the project, and we’re working closely with committed neighborhood leaders to raise the remaining $1 million needed to restore the Sundial & Plaza. Now we need to rally the whole Denver community to Save Our Sundial!

Join Our Team!

Help rally our community to Save Our Sundial! You can join our SOS Committee… Help at an event or with a specific task… Do you have skills in grant writing or marketing that you’d like to volunteer? Would you like to host a house party for the campaign? Contact us at 303-722-6262, or!


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SOS Campaign

  • How Much Will Restoration Cost?

    The cost of the overall project is estimated to be $1.8 million. The City of Denver has generously committed $545,000 to the project, through the Parks and Recreation and the Arts and Venues departments. So it's up to our community to raise the rest!
  • Where Do the Donations Go?

    100% of your donations go to the Save Our Sundial Fund managed by The Park People, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
  • Are Donations Tax Deductible?

  • Are There Giving Levels?

    Front Range – gifts over $20,000

    Mount Evans – gifts over $10,000

    Longs Peak – gifts over $5,000

    Pikes Peak – gifts over $1,000

    Grays Peak – gifts over $500

    Torreys Peak – gifts over $100


We couldn't do it with out their help!

Contact Us

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